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Human Immune System Illustration

How to Boost Your Immune System?

Have you ever gotten sick? Did it ever occur to you why some people get ill more often than others living under the same roof? A simple answer to this question is that the people who do not get attacked by the disease have a stronger immune system. 

For those who are not fully aware of what an immune system is and what it does for our body, let’s first discuss about that. Every single human being has an immune system that protects our body from various diseases, including the microorganisms that can attack us and make us fall sick.

Here’s the thing, an immune system that is functioning well can identify all kinds of threats, viruses, bacteria, and parasites while fighting them to keep us healthy. At times, infections are successful in invading your body and infect you with diseases of different degrees. The effects of certain viruses like the coronavirus cannot be seen immediately, so it might be too late before you can do something about it.

Is there a way to boost your immune system? Is there a way to make it more efficient and prepared to fight against all kinds of viruses? Such questions must be going through your mind, so let’s start answering without wasting any time.

Considering the Possibility…

In all honesty, improving a human being’s immune system is possible, but experts suggest that it is not as easy as it sounds. Why? The immune system is not a single entity, so all the major body parts should work in harmony and be healthy at all times. 

A lot of people suggest that adopting a healthy lifestyle does wonder for your immune system. This is true to some extent, but there is not enough evidence to ultimately agree to this claim. However, researchers are still trying to investigate the effects of age, stress, environment, diet, and other factors on a person’s immune system.

It would be right to say that boosting your immune system is possible if proper measures are taken as per the suggestions of experts. You can also try adopting specific strategies that are considered healthy by people like waking up early and eating meals on time.

What can You Do? 

Human Immune System

The most important and doable thing about boosting your immune system is abandoning all the bad habits and adopting a good/healthy lifestyle. This is the first step in strengthening your immune system that requires your restraining abilities. 

Protecting your body from adverse environmental factors and putting it in danger automatically inspires your organs to start working at their best. Here’s what you need to do;

  • Quit smoking and give your lungs a rest
  • Get a gym membership, a trainer, and start exercising as your life depends on it
  • Stop drinking alcohol excessively as occasional drinking is okay. In case you have an addiction, get the correct treatment for it before it is too late.
  • Stop stressing out all the time, especially about things that are not in your control. This is harder than it sounds, but you can do it. Meditating helps in such conditions.
  • Ditch all the junk food and start a diet full of fruit and vegetables. Eating fruit and vegetables makes you feel good and boosts your immune system.
  • Fix your sleeping schedule and stop watching Netflix at night. Healthy sleeping patterns make your immune system work acceptably or rationally.
  • Nowadays, there is a spread of the coronavirus, and you can avoid it by frequently washing your hands and drinking adequate water. Other viruses can be avoided by taking similar measures.
  • Another way to avoid certain viruses is to cook your meat correctly, so you do not eat it raw.

Some of these things can be done overnight, while others like quitting smoking take time. It is better to seek professional help to treat such addictions as it reduces your chances of relapsing and fastens the process.  

Boosting your Immune System Using Unnatural Means 

If you go to a nearby pharmaceutical store, their shelves are full of bottles of pills and beverages that claim to strengthen your immune system. Is it possible? According to scientists, we should not take the easy way out to enhance our immunity as there is no guarantee. 

Scientifically Boosting your immune system is possible, but it runs the risk of all kinds of heart-related illnesses and more. When you start a course of pills that claims to boost your immunity, it makes you addicted and starts adding to your immune cells. This is not a good idea for a lot of reasons, but we’ll discuss that later. Take the example of an athlete; if he/she is pumping blood into their system to boost cells, then there is a high risk of strokes and heart attack. Does that sound pleasant? 

You can attempt to boost those cells that improve your immune system, but it only makes you look clueless. A human being’s immune system is made up of numerous cells that are all unique and work differently. 

While trying to boost it by unnatural means, there are several questions you need to answer. Which cells are you targeting? How many more cells do you want? What is the limit? Without solving such problems, you might as well be putting your life in danger. The current research suggests that our immune system is programmed to generate cells naturally. 

Those in excess are removed by a natural process of cell death called apoptosis. It is also true that no one is aware of the kind of cells and the amount our immune system needs to function efficiently. 

Therefore, it is not right to buy a few pills and hope for positive results. Resorting to natural means like improving your lifestyle is the best way to make your immune system function at an optimum level. 

Effects of Diet on Our Immune System

There is a profound connection between your diet and the immune system because it is the source of the necessary nutrition your body requires. It is a known fact that poor people who do not have access to healthy food items are prone to get infected by diseases and viruses more often. 

They cannot buy healthy fruit and vegetables and are forced to eat the leftovers or food items that do not have all the nutrients a person’s body needs to function correctly.

Deficiencies of certain nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, E, zinc, iron, etc. weakens your immune system while making your body vulnerable to infections. Boosting your immune system is as simple as making specific changes to your regular diet. 

It will be hard in the beginning, but the results will motivate you to continue, and soon you will get used to the new diet. If a person does not like eating vegetables, he/she can purchase a multivitamin as well as a mineral supplement for similar health benefits. However, do not take increased doses as it might have irreversible side effects.

Moreover, it is advisable to consult with a doctor before buying any supplements. You can also start eating food items that are enriched with vitamins and proteins. Consuming the right amount of carbs and fats can also help in this conquest.

Here are the food items you can consume to strengthen your immune system naturally;

  • Citrus fruit like oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits
  • Red bell peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Spinach
  • Yogurt
  • Green tea
  • Turmeric
  • Almonds
  • Kiwi
  • Poultry items
  • Papaya
  • Shellfish
  • Sunflower seeds

It would be best if you were careful of the serving sizes to make sure that you are consuming the necessary nutrients in the right amount. Include all these items in your daily meals to see promising results in a short time.

Does Age Have Any Effect on Our Immune System? 

Many people might already know the answer to this question as they might have seen a loved one go through illness as a result of aging. Getting older indeed makes our immune system weak, and it is not as efficient in fighting off various diseases and infections. 

Modernization has increased life expectancy in a lot of countries leading to an increase in age-related illnesses. According to research, people over 65 die at the hands of diseases like pneumonia, influenza, and respiratory infections. 

Some researchers believe that as we age, the bone marrow does not produce enough stem cells for our immune system, which makes us vulnerable to dangerous infections. Moreover, vaccination for specific diseases is not very helpful for aged people due to a weakened immune system. 

Older people have a diet with minimal food items; thus, they might be lacking some necessary nutrients that our immune system needs. In such cases, it is better to start taking supplements after consulting with a physician as dietary supplementations can have severe effects on older people’s health. It is advisable to maintain a fatty diet, exercise regularly, and have a healthy lifestyle from a young age to avoid a weakened immune system when you get older.

Enhancing your Immune System to Avoid Viruses

Every day we see new viruses pop up in the world, meaning we need to start being more careful than usual. For instance, there is a recent spread of the coronavirus that attacks your body and makes the symptoms visible within 13 to 14 days. During the winter season, people are prone to getting the flu and colds. Such illnesses can be avoided by taking precautionary measures as accurately as possible and save your money and time. 

Viruses like the coronavirus indeed attack people with a compromised immune system; therefore, it is vital to take a few necessary steps to stay healthy. The first thing you need to do is wash your hands frequently using a bar of soap and clean water. 

If these items are not available, then you can use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol to help kill germs and infectious microbes. Check to see if the local supermarkets have organic hand sanitizers and purchase masks to avoid getting infected if you come in contact with someone who is already affected. 

Another thing that will keep your immune system healthy in such trying times is getting a good night’s sleep of 7 to 9 hours. Efficient sleeping helps your T cells fight against infections; hence, lack of sleep makes your body increasingly vulnerable to the coronavirus. Moreover, it is essential to stay calm as anxiety can have adverse effects on your sleep quality and weaken your immune system. 

It would be best if you started observing a healthy and nutrition enriched diet to fight off infections like the coronavirus. Continuing to eat junk food will only contribute to the deterioration of your immune system, which is not acceptable. 

It would help if you also started exercising, preferably at home using whatever equipment you have. Visiting the gym during these times can be dangerous as infected people might also be there unknowingly. There are other treatments you can resort to like acupuncture in an attempt to avoid getting infected by all kinds of viruses. Acupuncture is beneficial in fortifying different organs of your body and strengthen your immune system to a great extent. 

If you wish to stay safe from the coronavirus, then try to avoid human contact as much as possible and stop going to crowded places without taking precautionary measures. Moreover, always cover your mouth with a bent elbow while sneezing or coughing to prevent spreading the virus if you are infected. Most infections, including the coronavirus, are not as fatal as one might think; however, it is still better to take safety measures and avoid visiting the doctor at all. 

If you have been coughing lately or have a fever, then it is better to see your doctor before the situation worsens. Another symptom of the coronavirus is shortness of breath, so make sure to monitor yourself daily.

Vitamins That Boosts Your Immune System

Three vitamins can help in improving the functioning of your immune system to a great extent. We mentioned them earlier in this text as well but let’s take a closer look at them to help us understand their role; 

  1. Vitamin C:This is one of the essential vitamins that your immune system needs, and it is found in various citrus fruit. It would be best if you consumed vitamin C enriched meals every single day as your body does not store or produce it. You might be consuming enough vitamin c at the moment without being aware, which is a good thing. You do not need any supplements unless your physicians/doctors ask you to.
  2. Vitamin E: This is a powerful antioxidant that plays a significant role in helping the body fight off any infections. It supports the health of various organs of our body; thus, keeping a balance and maintaining our overall health.
  3. Vitamin B6: This helps in all the biochemical reactions within our body and the immune system. It is usually found in poultry items like chicken and seafood like tuna and salmon. Many vegetables are also enriched with vitamin B6, so adding them to your diet would be a wise decision.

Additional Guidelines

We have looked at all the obvious things that you can do to have an excellent immune system, but is that it? There are a few other things you can do that many people deem as unimportant to improve your immune system. Those are as follows;

  • Hang out with people that have a good sense of humor as it reduces your stress hormones. At the same time, it increases a specific type of white blood cell that helps in fighting off infections.
  • Have a good social network and strong relationships with friends and family. Being isolated is not suitable for your immune system, so start socializing more often.
  • Get counseling if you are always stressed out about everything. It is okay to slow down every once in a while, and give yourself time to recover.

These are a few essential things that can have a significant impact on your immune system, so make sure to keep smiling and be grateful for the little things in life.

Final Words 

Our life is full of challenges, but what matters is how bravely we tackle all of them and come out at the top. Having a weakened immune system makes you vulnerable to many illnesses, out of which some are treatable, and some are not. Being conscious about your health is being loyal to yourself because no one else is going to take care of you. Abandoning all the bad habits, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and setting out on a journey to become healthy needs commitment.

It will strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy at all times for the rest of your life. You can only achieve your life goals if you are in good shape as a wise person once said, ‘health is wealth.’

HTA what is a coronavirus

Coronavirus – Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

The name corona originated from the word ‘crown’ because this virus looks like a crown under a microscope. The World Health Organization named it COVID-19. This virus is affecting more and more countries with the passage of time. According to CNN, 35 cases have been reported in the US alone while hundreds in Italy and Iran. It is a newly found family of viruses that were never seen before. The experts say that the virus came from the seafood in Wuhan, China. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this virus is found in the animals, and it can be transmitted into humans as well.  As know, there are around 40 different types of coronavirus that may be constantly in human body. Thanks to strong immune system, without doing any serious harm to human.

Coronaviruses were first discovered and identified in the mid-1960s


Symptoms of Coronavirus 

The coronavirus has very mild symptoms, but they become dangerous with the passage of time. Sometimes the symptoms of coronavirus are not clear, and you may spend days and even weeks carrying this virus. In severe cases, the symptoms may lead to the death of an individual. According to the NEJM study published on January 29, the symptoms of the virus show up after five days of being infected. This is called the incubation period, and it may last for 24 days. Some of the most common symptoms of the virus include;


In most of the cases, the body temperature rises, and people usually ignore it. The people who were diagnosed with the virus had pretty elevated body temperature. The airport officials are checking the body temperature of the passengers who are coming from China as it is a clear sign of whether someone is infected or not.


A person infected with coronavirus will experience coughing. If you have cough and travelled to China, or the neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand, then you must see a doctor. CDC recommends removing a patient from the isolation centre if he doesn’t experience coughing.

Shortness of breath 

Coronavirus affects the respiratory system, and you feel trouble while breathing. In cases of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), and this leads to septic shock in which the body organs don’t have enough oxygen. It is the most prominent symptoms, especially those who are elder, smokers and people with a previous medical condition.

Some other frequently seen symptoms of the virus are as follow

  1. Headache 
  2. Sore throat 
  3. A runny nose 

According to FamilyDoctor, about 15-20% of the cases have become a server, especially those who were with the weak immune system. In severe cases, it leads to organ failure and ultimately, death.

Prevention from Coronavirus 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is no vaccine for the coronavirus to prevent the illness. You should avid from being exposed to the virus as much as you can. Following are some of the precaution that you should keep into account as these are recommended by the CDC and WHO. 

HTA can you prevent coronavirus

Protect Yourself from the Virus 

  1. Always wash your hands properly. Use soap, clean water to wash hands. Hands are in contact with the various thing around you, so the first and the foremost thing is to wash your hands.
  2. Don’t cough or sneeze openly but always cover your mouth with a tissue paper so that someone might not get affected by the droplets. 
  3. Don’t leave the room if you have a cough or slightly high body temperature.
  4. Always clean the things that are around you. Clean the things that you use on a regular basis. 
  5. Don’t leave home without any reason. If you are in China, try to stay home and follow the state rules when you leave your home. 

Seek Medical Guidance 

  1. WHO recommends contacting your doctor when you have a constant fever, headache, coughing and any organ failure. It is important to tell him where you live and where you have travelled recently.  
  2. Answer the doctor honestly without hiding anything.

Practice Food Safety  

  1. Don’t eat the sick animals and the animals that are died of the disease. 
  2. Use the different knives and chopping boards if possible. 
  3. Eat only hygienic foods. 
  4. It is important to avoid contact with raw, cooked foods and meat of wild animals.

Precautions While Travelling 

  1. Bring about all the safety measures when you are going to travel in the country that is under this virus.
  2. Avoid Travel If you have fever or cough. 
  3. If you have experienced any health condition during travelling, then contact with the medical staff ASAP and let them know your condition. 
  4. Avoid spitting in the public. 
  5. Word Health organization don’t recommend cancelling travel plan, but you need to take into account safety measures. 
  6. If you have anyone who visited China, avoid close contact with him. This applies to the other countries that are facing the horrible consequences of the virus. 

Keep in Mind 

  1. There is no vaccine to treat the illness. Therefore, the first priority is to avoid person to person contact. 
  2. The virus can travel about 1 meter so always avoid close contact. 
  3. This virus can stay alive on any surface for over a day. 
  4. Stay 2 meter away from anyone with symptoms. 
  5. The area of Nose, Mouth and Eyes is known as T-zone that is an entry point for the virus. So avoid these body parts. 

Treatment for Coronavirus 

There is no vaccine of this disease, and the researchers are struggling day and night to discover the vaccine for the disease. Hospitals basically support patients by providing them with a good environment, antiviral medications, breathing support, for example, ventilation. Doctors also give patient steroids so that lungs swelling will reduce, which makes patients a little bit relaxed. Blood plasma transfusion is also given to patients by doctors. Doctors can increase the chance of patient living by giving them supportive care to help them breathe.

Progress for the Treatment of COVID-19 in China

 Now, China has more than 80 running or pending medical trials on the treatment of the Coronavirus. Pharmaceutical drugs are also listed in the registry of China’s coronavirus treatments trials. China has also developed a few trials that test chloroquine, a drug that killed off grains. But no drugs and medicines are approved effective against this virus. 

But if we talk about traditional treatment, then traditional Chinese methods are very helpful in treating more than half of the patients of coronavirus. Wang, deputy head of China’s national health medicine elaborate that TCM has been applied in a few cryonics patients, and it affects patients in a positive way in a great manner. Thus, the use of TCM is one and only treatment for coronavirus patients. 

Remdesivir has been excellent against the Ebola virus, and this medication worked well for the first patient of COVID-19 in the US. However, a large scale clinical trial is in progress in China. In future, the researcher will develop a vaccine. Till then, you need to care for yourself and follow all the safety measures.

8 Health Tips to Get in Shape For the New Year For a New You!

With the new year approaching, the first resolution most people think about going for is a gym membership. Year after year the same thing happens. They really want to get into shape, and they know for sure that this year will be different. They sign up for a year membership and start their new goal with clear focus and determination.

Most people never make it past the first week. Why? Mostly because they quit when they realize how much work goes into getting back into the shape they once had. The fact of the matter is that it really is not as difficult as they think. They are just focusing on one aspect of overall wellness and burning themselves out on it.

In order to lose weight and keep it off for good, a person must develop the mindset necessary for living a healthy lifestyle. There is much more to being healthy than showing up to the gym every day. In fact, exercise is only one-eighth of the total equation. If you really want to achieve personal wellness, forget the gym and focus instead on improving the following 8 categories of health.

Diet & Nutrition

Health Tips #1: Diet & Nutrition

You already know the main reason you gained weight. Too many trips through the McDonalds drive-thru, late night snacking on junk food and poor dinner choices. You do not have to eat a diet of bland salads and yogurt, but you do need to limit the amount of trigger foods that you caused your weight gain. Replace your current American diet of high sugar, high-fat processed foods with those found in the produce and lean meat department as often as you can.

Nutritional Supplements

Health Tips #2: Nutritional Supplements

Now that our soils are more depleted of minerals than ever, and our farm animals are not fed properly, living a healthy lifestyle requires nutritional supplementation. I lost 70 pounds in 4 months and kept it off for over 15 years simply by drinking a soy-based protein shake for breakfast every morning and taking a few targeted vitamins. Why does this work? Because greasy bacon and runny eggs do not provide proper nutrition.

Fun & Recreation

Health Tips #3: Fun & Recreation

What makes you happy? Going to the movies? Ice Skating? Playing the guitar? Whatever it is, you must find time for it on a weekly basis (if not daily) in order to maintain good mental stability. Your activities and hobbies should not include junk food or alcohol. Going to the movies is watching the movie, not eating a tub of fatty buttered popcorn. Be happy with what you are doing without the unnecessary evils.


Health Tips #4: Hydration

Drinking enough water throughout the day is the part of the equation that gets overlooked. People do not consider drinking as important as eating and it is! You should not be drinking soda or processed juices every day. Why? Because they deplete your body of vitamins and minerals while loading you up on sugar. Alcohol is even worse. Do yourself a favor and keep a water bottle with you at all times. Drink, drink, drink. I cannot stress this enough.


Health Tips #5: Stress

And speaking of stress, this is what happens when you do not allow yourself to have any fun in your life. This is just as important to living a healthy lifestyle as eating and drinking properly. Too much stress can cause major problems for your body. You only live once, so do not allow other people and events to get you so bothered and worried that you cannot live the lifestyle you deserve for yourself.

Unhealthy Habits

Health Tips #6: Unhealthy Habits

Not eating the wrong foods is just as important as eating the right foods. But unhealthy habits are not just about food, are they? Smoking and the use of other drugs, prescription or not, is probably the worst thing a person can do to their body. This is the only one you have! Take care of it. Alcohol is OK on occasion but not recommended on a daily basis to anyone interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Management

Health Tips #7: Weight Management

Have you ever noticed that weight loss really is not the issue that people struggle with? Most everyone has lost weight at one point in their life. Keeping that weight off is the obstacle that most people can not overcome. Think about it logically. If you gained weight by eating twinkies, then lost weight when you stopped eating twinkies, do not go back to eating twinkies. The person who eats twinkies on occasion (not every day) does not struggle with weight fluctuation.

Health Tips #8: Exercise

You knew this one was coming! It is totally possible to lose weight without exercising. I am living proof because my severe asthma prohibited me from doing it. The reason I can exercise now is because I got my body healthy through focusing on the other 7 categories. Once I began exercising, it only accelerated my weight loss and now helps to keep me lean. The key to exercise is not quantity but quality. A little bit every day will give you the best health benefits overall.

So there you have it! The 8 health tips to kick off the new year for a new you. Focus on improving each of these simultaneously as your one and only New Years Resolution and you will be on a successful path to overall wellness. Weight loss and poor health can be things of the past if you are just willing to make small changes on a daily basis.

Know The Best Way To Quit Smoking

You can quit smoking infinitely if you put your trust in God to help you be successful. Most people try to quit smoking through other means like pills, hypnosis, patch, or psychiatry without much success. These people do not recognize that the best way to quit smoking is through faith in the Lord. Through trusting God, you can break this habit for good and at no cost to you.
Consider how many people you have met who have quit smoking, and the different techniques that they used. How long did they stay non-smokers? Which techniques brought back the highest success rate of permanent non-smokers?
Amazingly, you will find that people who trust in God stay non-smokers forever. The people who used pills, hypnosis, patch, or some other means eventually went back to smoking after a while.
Why is it that people who use the power of the Lord are more successful in kicking this nasty habit? Is it because they have more will power than those who use other techniques? I think not. Most likely, it is because faith is a powerful tool. Through faith, people are able to do amazing things.
So, how do you use faith in God to help you quit smoking? The first thing you need to do is pray. Pray to God and ask for his help. Give your addiction completely over to God and know he will help you every step of the way. Have complete faith that God helps those who turn to him in their time of need.
Next, do not give up. Do not doubt that God will help you. No matter what obstacles are thrown your way, hold onto your faith. Keep praying to God and asking for his help. By not giving up, you are showing God that you trust him completely.
When you are no longer a smoker, you need to do is become a witness for God. Spread the news on how you used the power of faith alone to stop this addition. Tell people how it is the best way to quit smoking.

If your want to learn more about side effects of quitting smoking, visit tips to stop smoking.