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Some Of he Medical Conditions Medical Marijuana Can Be Used To Treat

After watching several friends suffer the side effects of cancer treatment, state Sen. Steve Cohen said he plans to make the legalization of medical marijuana one of his top priorities next year.

”When you see somebody whose life is ending, and you know there’s something that would ameliorate their pain and make life less ghastly, it’s incumbent upon all of us to allow it,” Cohen said. ”There’s no reason why society should not allow drugs that can be helpful.”

In a 2003 report, the American Medical Association cited studies showing that compounds in the drug can help people suffering from a wide range of illnesses, from glaucoma and AIDS-related weight loss, to epilepsy and the nausea associated with some cancer treatments.

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But the association also said there are health risks involved with marijuana and recommended that the National Institutes of Health fund further research into medical uses of the drug.

Barbara Walker, 58, of Nashville said she suffers chronic back pain and weight loss associated with an immune disorder and has experienced side effects from the oxycodone she was prescribed for pain. Walker is one of about 10 area residents working with a statewide network called the Tennessee Alliance for Medical Marijuana. She said she would like to use marijuana for her weight loss and pain without risking jail time.

Some studies have shown that marijuana can stimulate appetite and promote weight gain as well as ease pain.

”No one wants to be outside the law, but at the same time I’m the one who’s living with severe pain,” she said. ”You’re either miserable or scared you’re going to go to jail.”

Another medical marijuana advocate, Paul Kuhn, said his deceased wife found the most relief from marijuana when she was undergoing treatment for cancer.

She was taking a prescription drug called Zofran for nausea, he said, but the side effects of the drug included liver damage, and the cancer had spread to her liver. ”One puff of marijuana worked better than the Zofran,” said Kuhn, 61. ”That was the best prescription around, and it wasn’t that good.”

One of the leading advocacy groups for medical marijuana, the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington makes no secret of its dual support of medical marijuana and the legalization of the drug.

Citing a 2002 Time/CNN nationwide poll showing 80% of Americans supported medical marijuana use, Krissy Oechslin, a spokeswoman for the group, said medical marijuana is a distinct issue with broad public support.

”So many people support it that it’s sort of surprising that legislators have been afraid to touch it,” she said.

”But I think eventually the point will get across, as more states consider it, that they won’t be hurt for supporting it.”

Medical marijuana has been legalized in liberal and conservative states.

And three conservative southeastern states — Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi — have filed court briefs supporting California’s efforts to keep medical marijuana legal.

According to Stuart Finder, a medical ethicist at Vanderbilt University, the medical marijuana issue boils down to balancing the medical benefits of the drug with the cultural views of marijuana as an illicit substance.

”The important ethical issue here is that it may be that our preconceptions are blinding us to the possible medical help the substance could provide,” said Finder, director of Vanderbilt’s Center for Clinical and Research Ethics. ”There are some indications it could be helpful, but the only way to find out is to study it. Do we risk giving up our preconceptions to look at it?”

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment That Works

What is OCD?

OCD is a symptom of an anxiety disorder, not a stand-alone condition as is commonly thought. Why? Because, OCD always exists in conjunction with anxiety disorder, the underlying cause of the obsessive thoughts and compulsions.

There are a number of variations of OCD, in which the sufferer experiences obsessive thoughts and compulsions at differing intensities.

Some OCD sufferers complain of disturbed thoughts of a violent or sexual nature, others describe having to perform rituals in order to contain their anxiety, to act on the thoughts they experience.

Anxiety disorders, by nature, cause fear. It is this fear which fuels the inappropriate thoughts and compulsions of OCD.

OCD is curable and the recovery period can be fast, if the sufferer follows a structured pattern of anxiety elimination.

Regardless of how your OCD manifests itself or how long you have suffered, your underlying anxiety is to blame.

If you experience aggressive, disturbing, sexual or inappropriate thoughts, do not worry. These are normal, but exaggerated, manifestations of your anxiety, nothing more!

What are the symptoms of OCD?

Listo of Symptoms of OCD
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OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) symptoms are wide ranging. the following list is not conclusive, but it indicates a pattern which most OCD sufferers follow.

  • Invasive thoughts
  • Aggressive thoughts
  • Sexual thoughts
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Obsessive counting, sorting or mind games (word games in head etc.)
  • Compulsions and rituals
  • Thoughts about people you love
  • Thoughts about knives, high places or windows (you’ll know what I mean)
  • Inappropriate fear
  • Having OCD doesn’t mean you are mentally ill, in fact, more than that, it means you are mentally able.

OCD is the reserve of the creative – those who have massive creative ability or potential, make up the largest proportion of OCD sufferers. Why? Because it takes a massive intellect to be able to ‘imagine’ these powerful scenarios.

OCD is a form of psychosomatic condition. This means that your OCD has developed as your conscious mind has taken control of your body, creating your obsessions and compulsions. This is all fuelled by your inappropriate anxiety level.

Many of our OCD clients explain thoughts they experience which are directed at people they love, even their close relatives and children. Sometimes these thoughts can be of a violent and/or sexual nature.

OCD thoughts are fuelled by extreme levels of anxiety. Anxiety, by nature, causes ‘fear’. Let me explain how this becomes these awful thoughts.

OCD – An Example
Your OCD and anxiety produce this thought pattern as you walk into the kitchen and see a knife on the table:

“I might pick up that knife and hurt myself, I might stab someone else and what if I kill them?”

This OCD thought pattern is often accompanied by quite vivid images in the mind. You may then immediately hide the knife, get someone else to remove it, or you may just run away.

Now let me explain how your OCD and anxiety creates this scenario.

  • Your anxiety produces fear when you see the knife
  • Your anxiety produces ‘catastrophic thought patterns’ (in other words, ‘what if’ thoughts. “what if I stabbed someone?” for example)
  • Your subconscious then builds a ‘what if’ – a catastrophic scenario around that fear which can include vivid mental images.
  • Your fear builds, but now, in addition, you feel like you are going crazy.
  • From now on, knife means stabbing – that behaviour has been learned by your subconscious

Do you see how that OCD scenario can play out? It’s inappropriate, not based on truth and you would never do any of those things – and you know that.

Other sufferers may follow another OCD behavioural pattern. They might have to tidy constantly, turn lights on and off, avoid cracks in the pavement and other compulsions. These too are driven by OCD.

OCD sufferers fear the consequences of not carrying out their ritual – “What if I don’t switch this light on and off six times?” It’s the exact same OCD -driven catastrophic thinking.

All of these have their basis and root in anxiety disorder and cannot exist without anxiety.

What treatment is available for OCD?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment
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Psychotherapy for OCD

OCD therapy can have limited success, but it is spasmodic.

Normally, OCD sufferers are treated with Cognitive Behavior Therapy in order to understand and eliminate their compulsions and obsessions.

Medication for OCD

Why would anyone think that treating OCD with medication could work? OCD is a behavioral condition; a habit, much like a thumb-sucking habit – you wouldn’t take medication for that would you?

Because OCD is behavioral and behavior is a ‘programmed’ habitual reaction, the only way a medication could be curative is if it ‘wiped out’ that behavior completely – no medication can do this without rendering you completely unconscious! It’s nonsense.

Anti-depressants and sedatives may well ‘sedate’ you, reducing your OCD symptoms, but it is only a short-term, non-permanent effect. When you remove the drug, the OCD and core anxiety will remain.

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Superfoods And Where To Find Them

There’s a new buzzword in the health industry: superfoods. These delicious dietary powerhouses are being praised for their disease prevention abilities as well as their fat-fighting and weight-loss benefits – These babies pack a powerful, nutritious punch. 

My Superfoods book to the left is published at Amazon. You will learn how to rejuvenate your skin, lose stubborn belly fat, detox your body, and energise your whole system from the superfoods I have featured in the book.

What makes superfoods unique is their high concentrations of nutrients in comparison to their calorie content.

Generally speaking, superfoods are foods that, ounce-for-ounce, contain more essential nutrients-per-calorie than their counterparts.

While this may be no surprise to many, those of us who grew up in the 1970s & 1980s are beginning to realize that our poor health is due to the food that we ate as kids, teens & young adults.

The “fast-food generation” is seeing more obesity (and obesity-related disease) than our ancestors ever have.

Now, it’s coming to our attention that we need to make some serious changes. Luckily, science is there for us and has provided proof that by simply “getting back to nature” we will kill obesity & help stave-off disease.

Many are beginning to chant the mantra: “If God didn’t make it, I’m not gonna eat it!” When you start adapting superfoods into your daily diet you will soon start noticing the difference.


Given a little thought, this makes real sense. The more highly processed a food is, the further away from Nature it becomes. These “crap foods” are just not what our bodies are designed to eat.

We, in the West, are beginning to move away from the pre-made, pre-packaged junk that we’ve been cramming down our guts and heading straight for the superfoods. Get more bite for your buck.

 The topic of Superfoods has garnered a lot of attention lately in the popular press. More and more people, like yourself are becoming aware of superfoods and are looking for advice on how to incorporate them into their lives as simply and effectively as possible.

 But many people are still a little confused on what exactly is a superfood and how does food qualify to be placed in the exalted ranks of superfood. First of all let me reassure you that there is nothing mysterious or exotic about superfoods.

No, you do not have to trek through the darkest jungles of Peru to find them. In fact you probably walk past a hundred superfoods every time you shop at your local market.

 What are superfoods? And how can they help me?

What are Superfoods and where do I find them?

We are going to do our best to outline what are super foods and their benefits here.  However, more information on Super Foods can be found in our superfoods book on Amazon kindle.  We like this because it is available for download immediately and is much more comprehensive than what we talk about in this article.

Food is the basic building blocks that our bodies run on – it is the fuel for every task in our body at a macro and micro level.  The type of fuel that you consume will affect your health and your day-to-day lifestyle and there are some that are much more beneficial than others. 

Dark chocolate believe it or not is a superfood
Dark chocolate believe it or not is a superfood

Many pains, discomforts, and illnesses that you have learned to live with are due to NOT having the right nutrients or not having enough nutrients for your body to function optimally.  The body is able to manufacture many substances and chemicals but it has to have basic proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. or else those functions are decreased or even temporarily ceased in some cases.

Conversely, there are definite benefits to eating Super Foods which include more energy, better digestion, better resistance to sickness and disease, better memory, and more.  Because most of these super foods are found naturally, they are quite delicious and refreshing to eat compared to empty calories of manufactured food.  Many of the super foods are available within most grocery stores and in the produce and meat aisles. You will be surprised to know you probably pass over a hundred superfoods every time you do the shopping. Stay away from the interior isles which usually have the manufactured and chemically modified foods.

Let’s face it, when we were created, nature was sufficient to provide all of the nutrients that we need including the vital minerals and vitamins.  The more natural foods we consume, the better off our lives and bodies will be.  Consuming natural and healthy super food will enable us to live healthier and more enjoyable lives.

Let me tell you from personal experience that I have been eating super foods for a few years, and like all humans sometimes I succumb to eating things I shouldn’t such as Pepsi and potato chips.  Within a few hours, I begin feeling tired, worn out, and unmotivated.  Another pleasant side effect that I have noticed of eating healthy super foods is that my hunger is suppressed for longer periods.

Now I’m not saying that I never feel hungry, but it takes quite a long time after a superfood based meal until I begin to feel like I “need” more food.  Often, the next mealtime comes and I realize that I haven’t felt hungry because my body has been happily humming along at a steady digestion and consumption pace.

If feeling better were not enough of a reason to look at a super food diet, consider the long-term effects that healthy eating has on your body (or maybe I should say lack of long-term effects).  Disease, cancer, cancer, and fatigue are symptoms of poor diet so take this opportunity to consider how much better you could feel and perform if you implement a healthy diet.

The Super Foods book that we are referring to is not perfect and may not heal every disease, but it is a great place to begin or a great continuation of doing your best to have a healthy life.

Top 10 superfoods according Harward & Katherine D. McManus are:

  • Berries
  • Fish
  • Leafy greens
  • Nuts
  • Olive oil
  • Whole grains
  • Yogurt
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Tomatoes